Imbibe + Inspired – Kentucky Owl Bourbon

 Join us for Imbibe & Inspired, a monthly series where we highlight a different spirit, offering an enticing sampling experience. This September, immerse yourself in the world of Kentucky Owl Bourbon as we celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month, with the cocktails available all month long. A portion of the proceeds will contribute to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, making your enjoyment even more meaningful. Raise your glass to a fusion of flavors, music, and support for a worthy cause.


My Baby Basil – Wiseman Bourbon, Lemon Amaretto, Basil, St Germain Float

Hedwig – Wiseman Bourbon, Heavy Cream, Vanilla

Wise Old Owl – Wiseman Bourbon, Date & Fennel Simple, Angostura & Orange Bitters

Hoboken – Wiseman Rye, Sweet Vermouth, Campari, Orange Bitters, Creole Shrub

Great Horn – Wiseman Rye, Cardamom Simple, Chicory Pecan Bitters, Orange

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