Carry Out Tips For The French Quarter

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Carry Out Tips For The French Quarter

The French Quarter in New Orleans, Louisiana is one of the most buzzing tourist attractions in the country and home to many fine-dining restaurants.  In this article, we will dive into some take-out tips so that you can enjoy your favorite meals at your convenience and skip the long lineups and crowds.


Is It a Good Idea For Take Out


When Is It a Good Idea For Take-Out or Delivery?

When should you choose to order take-out or delivery? If you are dining in a restaurant with other people it’s fun to experience the ambiance but when having a laid-back day what is better than Netflix and your favorite dish.   The Bombay Club has one of the most perennial bar food menus for this occasion.    You can order your favorites like a decadent cheeseburger with the signature “not so secret sauce” and pair it with some Bombay Fries with malt vinegar aioli.


Saving Money on Your Order


Saving Money on Your Order

You don’t have to break the bank every time you order something from a restaurant.  We all can agree that our living expenses are rising and it is hard to keep up with them.  So you have a couple of things to consider when finalizing your meal for takeout.  Ask for additional condiments. We will be happy to provide you extras so that you can split your meal up for a snack to have later.  You can also order a half portion of your main course and you will be surprised how little food you will consume.   There are some restaurants that still offer an appetizer with your meal so if your stomach is telling you to stop, go ahead and finish off the appetizer.


Tips For Ordering Your Meal For Take-Out or Delivery

It’s always a good idea to place your order before leaving the restaurant.    You will have a better chance of getting your meals prepared and ready on time.  If you need to place an order after arriving home, call the restaurant and place your order with the host. There are instances where even calling ahead of time isn’t enough, such as special occasions such as birthdays or weddings during which many orders will be placed at the same time, especially if it is a large group so always plan well ahead to anticipate busier times.


Catered Meals In The French Quarter


Catered Meals In The French Quarter.

The Bombay Club kitchen has the capacity to cater to large and small groups.   If you are hosting a party for ten or two hundred, The Bombay Club can help you with that.  When it comes to big orders The Bombay Club can offer delivery straight to your door if the order is quite large it’s always a good idea to call in advance so our kitchen can prepare and accommodate.  If you are looking for a sit-down meal, The Bombay Club has a restaurant with excellent food at reasonable prices.

The restaurant located in the Prince Conti Hotel has some of the best street views in New Orleans but  If you are looking to have someone cater for your party or have an event at one of the nearby hotels here are some recommendations of what you can order for your group.

The Cheeseburger – $17.00

B & B pickles | red onion | not so secret sauce | shoestring fries

Fried Brussels Sprouts – $11.00

Sweet chili glaze | crispy onions

Hummus – $12.00

Grilled pita | extra virgin olive oil | toasted spiced garbanzo

Boudin Croquettes – $13.00

Boudin balls | voodoo aioli

Roasted Duck & Andouille Gumbo – $10.00

Steamed rice

Bombay Fries – $9.00

Malt vinegar aioli

Warm Jumbo Pretzel – $12.00

Honey mustard

Beer Battered Crab & Chorizo Beignets – $15.00


Fish & Chips – $14.00

Gulf fish | malt vinegar aioli | shoestring fries

Caesar Salad – $9.00

Grilled pita | romaine | parmesan | Caesar dressing

This gastropub offers a wide variety of meals for all tastes and preferences. There are plenty of options on the menu so everyone’s taste buds will be satisfied for sure.


Using Food Delivery Services


Using Food Delivery Services

We work with many popular food delivery services such as Uber Eats and GrubHub. Our staff will always double-check the order that it is accurate before handing it off.  You can be sure that the order will get to your destination on time.

If you are unfamiliar with these services, read through an Uber Eats or GrubHub’s website for instructions on how to place your order. After placing the order, the restaurant will confirm that it is correct and then send it out. The driver can also call you with a confirmation before he/she heads out to your location. If you have any issues after placing the order, reach out to us so we can provide additional help.

We work with food couriers quite frequently and make it a priority so that your meal arrives hot and fresh for your satisfaction.


Meals To Go In The French Quarter


Final Thoughts On Meals To Go In The French Quarter.

As much as we love to see you in our restaurant, it is sometimes more convenient to order your favorite meal for take-out or delivery to enjoy at home.  We hope that these take-out tips will help you order the meals you want in a timely manner. We will always be here to help as much as possible as well as answer any questions that you may have.

Remember if you have any other questions, please feel free to call us at 504-577-2237

We are looking forward to serving you soon!

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